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Mifune (ミフネ)

He has a soul so strong that it counts for ninety-nine souls by itself. Black Star was about to take his soul but stopped when he saw how Mifune was protecting the young witch, Angela. He acts like a big brother or even a father to Angela. He is later a bodyguard for Arachne but only because she is holding Angela captive though Angela doesn't know it. He seems to really like being with children since he blushed at the thought after Tsubaki suggested that he could be a teacher at Shibusen. Mifune used to be the bodyguard for a mafia family, when he was sent to kill a rival family and retrieve the witch that they had, he met Angela. After 'kidnapping' her he left the family to protect her. He also compliments Tsubaki, stating that she is a great weapon and has a lot of potential (making her blush). His name comes from legendary Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune.

Attacks: His attacks center around his Infinite One-Sword Style. He uses the blunt side of the sword if he has to fight children, first shown in the first fight he had with Black Star. However, he may also use his swords by throwing them into the ground and using them as platforms to travel across.

Start Up: Not an attack but more like the signal for Mifune of the start of the fight by throwing his case of swords into the air then letting stick into the ground, surrounding his enemy and himself with swords thus giving Mifune an near unlimited amount of swords to use.

Three Shining Paths: Mifune will grab then throw three swords at the enemy.

Addition Blows (1-12 Blows): Mifune moves at high speeds to attack his enemy. After each hit he will let go of his sword to quickly use another to let him attack from different angles while his enemy is stunned from his previous blow. This leaves his enemy covered with twelve swords.

Multiplication Twenty Four Blows: Mifune will follow his Addition Blows with this attack. He strikes the swords that he left around his enemy from his Addition Blows which ends up cutting his enemy with the twelve swords all over again.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Tsuda, Kenjirou
McCollum, Robert
Chatelet, Julien
Szatmári, Attila
Ward, Luca
Bang, Seong Jun

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