Flanagan Boone

Mobile Suit Gundam
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Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
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Flanagan Boone (フラナガン・ブーン)

Boone is a Zeon captain stationed near the Federation's Belfast, Ireland base. When White Base arrives at the base, Boone takes the opportunity to launch multiple attacks on White Base. During the second such attack, he has a spy, Miharu Ratokie head on board the White Base such that she can provide him with information on where it is headed. Boone follows the White Base across the Atlantic Ocean and successfully infiltrates it using a stolen civilian plane such that he can communicate with Miharu, who tells him that White Base is headed to South America. Boone reports this information to Char then gets permission to pilot the MAM-07 Grublo mobile armor such that he can avenge the death of his men that had fallen to White Base and the Gundam. Boone successfully launches an attack on White Base and does battle with the Gundam underwater. While the Grublo has the advantage at first and manages to grab the Gundam's leg with one of its claws, the Gundam however is able to escape its grasps and then attacks the Grublo's cockpit with one of its beam sabers, killing Boone.

Voice Actors
Epcar, Richard
Drummond, Brian
Kanie, Eiji
Nagai, Ichiro
De Sando, Stefano