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Topaz (トパーズ )
Topaz is a natural colored Yorkshire Terrier, spotting with a light brown head and hair and a black furry body, ears and tail. The inside of her ears are usually light brown as well. Topaz wears a Jewel Necklace with a purple octagon jewel on it, a purple or pink hair bow and sometimes carries a fan.

Topaz's personality is very lady-like in both the first series and in Kira Deco. Thought in Kira Deco, she is more serious personality wise.

In Jewelpet, she is one of the Jewel Eight. Dian forces her to use her inverted power to take away Kuranosuke's confidence. Rinko's group recovers her through the Jewel Games.

In Jewelpet Twinkle, Topaz is the partner of Hilde, the favourite to win the Jewel Star Grand Prix.

In Jewelpet Kira Deco!, she is the reclusive and skeptical but very talented owner of a clothing shop. In exchange for making clothes for Pink, she sends Ruby off to obtain Flora's wool.

She is in the background in the other seasons.

(Source: Jewelpet Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kanada, Aki