Yong Hwa

Yong Hwa

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Pretty Rhythm: All Star Selection
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Yong Hwa (ヨンファ)
Yong Hwa is a famous Prism Star Idol that works for the same office as Puretty. He is very popular, as a large crowd of women appear whenever his name is said. Yong Hwa first appeared in Episode 22. He is also Chae Kyung's and Yunsu's childhood friend. Yong Hwa can tell what someone loves the most or their object of affection (he calls it Heart Shuffle). It is shown that he knows Reina's crush as he is always teasing her about her feelings for Itsuki, thinking that Reina is very cute. In the future he became a popular actor.

Yong Hwa's Prism Jumps are "Big Love Beam", "Smashing Love-Love Punch" and "Fighting Love-Love Stare" (Episode 22).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Takayama, Minami