Ángela "Angie" Salas Larrazábal

Ángela Salas Larrazábal

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Ángela Salas Larrazábal (アンジェラ・サラス・ララサーバル)
Birthdate: 1 October 1926
Height: 161 cm
Weapon: PzB39, Boys Anti-tank Rifle Mk.1
Striker Unit: Messerscharf Bf-109E-4, Farotto G-55S Strega
Familiar: Andalusian horse

A witch of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Hispania. Born to a strict family of officials, her witch ability manifested at an early age. Since Hispania had no corps of flying witches, she learned to use her magic abilities to fly on her own. She then received training in flying striker units and aerial combat in Romagna, and entered service soon after the beginning of the war in Europe. She joined the volunteer División Azul of the Hispanian Air Force, fighting in Ostmark, Venezia, and the Mediterranean and later assuming command of the division's aerial squadron. After the division was disbanded following the defeat of the Neuroi over Gallia, she joined the 504th.

She is taciturn, with a strong sense of responsibility, probably due the origins of her family, resulting in her taking many situations upon herself. Strict, pensive, and overly-serious, she is a woman of few words. However, she is weak against compliments such as 'cute' or 'pretty'.

Her special magic ability enables her to fill her bullets with a lot of magic, making them explosive. Since they strike a good balance between consuming magic power and basic attack power, she prefers using anti-tank rifles. Due to her firepower, she is often used as a trump card against large Neuroi, but due to the nature of her special power and her personality, she can remain on the battlefield for too long during the battles, resulting in heavy injuries.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Ángel Salas Larrazábal.

(Source: Strike Witches Wiki)

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