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Beatrix Brehme

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Schwarzesmarken: Sekiei no Bernhard
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Beatrix Brehme (ベアトリクス・ブレーメ )
Beatrix is the commander of the infamous Stasi TSF battalion "Werewolf," notable for their ruthless suppression of anti-government rioters and crushing potential rebellions before they began.

She is a former friend and former military academy classmate to Irisdina, with whom she always had a strong rivalry. She is currently field testing a next-generation Soviet TSF--the MiG-27--and setting in motion a series of events that will bring even more power to the Stasi.

In contrast to the visual novel, Beatrix in the anime is a sadistic sociopath who delights in the pain and deaths of those around her. Instances of this are in such scenes as the anime original mass execution, where she smirks viciously as her victim's viscera splashes on her face. Another instance of this was during her torture of Marai, where it was implied that she had enjoyed the experience. Even her own soldiers weren't immune to this, as Beatrix took great pleasure in Lise's mental turmoil over her brother and the deaths of other Werewolves. Beatrix was only truly happy at the expense of others.

Another difference was her relationship with Axmann and Schmidt. In other material, Beatrix, Axmann, and Schmidt detest one another, and Beatrix avoids them whenever possible and will sometimes subvert or disobey their orders if she can. In the anime, she has a good working relationship with them and acts as their willing attack dog.

Voice Actors
Tamura, Yukari
Dietz, Janina
Botião, Karina