Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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Briggid (ブリギッド)
Leader of the Orgahill pirates, who was raised by the original leader. She is Adean's twin sister. In contrast to her calm and reserved sister, Briggid is energetic, headstrong and fierce. She never wastes words, preferring to cut straight to the point in no uncertain terms, and did not take kindly to attempts by her pirate subordinates to contravene her mission of honesty and charity.

In her early childhood, Briggid accompanied Ring and her siblings on a religious pilgrimage to the Blagi Tower, but during the journey their ship was caught in a storm. Briggid was separated from her family as they evacuated the ship. She was found by the pirates of Orgahill, a renowned "honorable pirate" gang, whose captain took her in as his adopted daughter.

When her foster father died, Briggid succeeded him as the leader of the Orgahill pirates. Her leadership of the group continued her father's honorable tradition, believing herself to have a duty to aid the poor of Orgahill and Agustria, to the dismay of some of the band's members. In Gran 759, during the climax of the Agustrian civil war, her former subordinate Duvall led the pirates in a mutiny against Briggid in response to her criticism of their attacks on Agustrian villages, and during her escape she was reunited with Adean, now part of Sigurd's army fighting to defend the people of Agustria from the pirates. Adean convinced Briggid to attempt to draw Yewfelle, restoring her lost memories of her childhood in Jungby, and she joined Sigurd's army in fighting the pirates, in exile in Silesse and in Sigurd's ill-fated march on Granvale to confront the lies perpetrated against him. At some point during this time, she had two children: Faval and Patty, who ended up in an orphanage in Conote.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wikia)

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