Gigatron "Megatron; Galvatron; Devil Gigatron"


Transformers: Car Robots
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Gigatron (ギガトロン; デビルギガトロン)
Gigatron (Megatron in English dub) is the leader of the Destrongers (Predacons in English dub) with the ability to take on six forms. He claims to have decimated numerous planets during his campaign for Destronger supremacy before coming to Earth in search of the megaweapon Brave Maximus (Fortress Maximus in English dub). He appears to have come into conflict with Fire Convoy (Optimus Prime in English dub) and his Cybertrons (Autobots in English dub) numerous times before.

Although Gigatron is a great and powerful warrior, he typically leaves the fighting to his Destronger lackeys, such as Gelshark (Sky-Byte in English dub), preferring to stalk around his nameless mobile base headquarters (in English dub, it's known as "the Megastar") and berate his underlings when they inevitably fail. Upon his conversion to Devil Gigatron (Galvatron in English dub), he is a lot more active and effective. His primary attack seems to be his Cutter Beam technique. As Devil Gigatron, he can increase his power by draining the life energy of other beings!

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Voice Actors
Kobiyama, Youichi
Riordan, Daniel
Moreno, Antônio
Persy, Luiz Carlos