Kaou "Flower Prince"


InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen
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Kaou (花皇)
Kaou ("Flower Emperor") is a powerful demon who feeds on the sorrow of others, feeding their used bodies to the ground afterwards. He takes the form of noble with dark, messy hair. He often carries a fan with him. Kaou's powers have been shown to be strong enough to cast his spell over an entire village. He's been show to, literally, act in a kind and caring manner; this helps him put others in the trance his flowers create. Inuyasha's group encountered him soon after Kikyou's death; he succeeded in placing Inuyasha in a trance, allowing him to weep all his sorrow over her death away; however, he was soon afterwards destroyed by Inuyasha in anger for using his feelings as food.

(Source: InuYasha Wiki)

Voice Actors
Yao, Kazuki