Sakichi "Shuusaimaru" Ningyou

Sakichi Ningyou

Nintama Rantarou
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Rakudai Ninja Rantarou
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Sakichi Ningyou (任暁 左吉)
Age: 10
Class: Year 1, Class I
Committee: Accounting Committee

One of the best students even among the excellent students in class 1-I, and very proud of the fact. Together with his best friend Denshichi he often antagonizes the lower-achieving students in class 1-Ha. However, the two don't have much practical experience and often end up failing outside the classroom.

In his first appearance in the anime he was introduced as a second-year student named Shuusaimaru, but since his second appearance he's been reintroduced as a first year with his current name.

Voice Actors
Umeda, Kikumi