Takuya Gotou

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Takuya Gotou (後藤 卓也)

He is a second year student who plays the tuba.

Takuya is a tall, young man who wears the standard male Kitauji High School uniform. He has short, spiked, messy, dark brown hair and brown eyes, framed by thick, black glasses.

Most of the times he is quiet, but he can also say something that others think is quite mean, but he doesn't really do it on purpose, as he just says things that are on his mind. Also, despite his rough appearance, Takuya is a very friendly young man, and gives good advise to those younger to him and he likes his tuba. He also says that love and confidence are important.

(Source: Hibike! Euphonium Wikia)

Voice Actors
Seitz, Patrick
Tsuda, Kenjirou