Kentarou "Mad Dog" Kyoutani

Kentarou Kyoutani

Haikyuu!! Second Season
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Kentarou Kyoutani (京谷 賢太郎)
Is a 2nd year student attending Aobajousai High.

He is said to have the best ability among the second years at Aobajōsai High, but his brash attitude is cause for poor relationships with other members of the volleyball team. He doesn't seem to show any respect for the third years (besides Iwaizumi), irritating them and shocking the first years upon Kentaro's return to the team. He is extremely strong, and he can only hit the ball with his full strength or he "doesn't feel satisfied."

(Source: Haikyuu!! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Takeuchi, Shunsuke
Montañana, Joan