Sakutarou Kirara

Sakutarou Kirara

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Sakutarou Kirara (雲母 朔太郎)
Sakutarou is Airi's 17-year older brother who attends 2nd Year High School. Very analytical and ambitious, he usually invents things for the household and believes that there's nothing that can't be solved by science. Though wearing glasses, he has green eyes under those and Laura has a crush on him.

Sakutarou has light skin and wears big round glasses. Underneath his glasses are somewhat handsome green eyes, but he rarely takes them off. He has medium green shaggy hair. For apparel, he wears a tan long shirt with his right sleeve cuffed up and wears a fingerless cloth glove on his right hand. He wears black baggy track pants and sandals.

(Source: Wikipedia, Jewelpet Wikia)

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Nishiyama, Koutarou