Tsutomu Goshiki

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Tsutomu Goshiki (五色 工)

Team: Shiratorizawa
Year: 1st year
Birthday: August 22 (Leo)
Age: 16
Height: 181 cm (5'11.5")
Number: 8
Position: Wing Spiker
Favorite Food: Boiled Flounder
Current Concern: Wants to be able to hit a sharper cross.

He has a black bowl-cut, brown eyes, and a medium build.

The sole first year member of the Shiratorizawa volleyball team who would like to be recognized as the teams ace. He is hardworking, ambitious, and enjoys showing off. Every time he pulls off a good move, he looks around in excitement, wondering if anyone saw him. Goshiki responds to things his teammates say enthusiastically even if he doesn't understand what's being said to him (as seen with his coach).

Voice Actors
Tsuchiya, Shinba
Wang, Howard