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Chiyo (チヨ)
Chiyo is the grandmother of Sasori and sister to Ebizo. She was once a powerful shinobi for the Hidden Village of Sand, but has since retired. She was a founder of the Sand Village’s puppet division, training many disciples and developing new puppets. Chiyo was also the one responsible for sealing the One-Tailed Shukaku inside Gaara under the orders of the Fourth Kazekage. As well as being a puppet master, Chiyo was also a talented poison maker. But during the last Great Ninja War, she was humiliated when Tsunade of Konoha managed to figure out and develop antidotes for every single one of her poisons. As a result, Chiyo has had a grudge against Tsunade to this day and refers to her as “that slug woman”, referring to Tsunade’s ability to summon giant slugs.

Chiyo’s son, along with his wife, were both killed by the “White Fang of Konoha”, Kakashi Hatake’s father, during the Great Ninja War. This left their only son, Sasori, an orphan. Chiyo took on the responsibility of raising Sasori. When she saw his sadness at the loss of his parents, Chiyo decided to teach him puppet jutsu in order to preoccupy him with a new interest. Sasori proved to be a genius a puppet jutsu and even had the ability to manufacture puppets out of human bodies. His very first creations were the puppet versions of his own parents. But unbeknownst to Chiyo, a dark hatred dwelled in Sasori’s heart. Twenty years before the events of Naruto part II, Sasori fled the Sand Village and eventually joined Akatsuki. Chiyo confronted his grandson in the “Rescue of Gaara” story arc and defeated him with help from Sakura.

Chiyo sacrificed her life to revive Gaara using a technique originally intended to give life to puppets at the cost of her own.

she has Abilities like Reincarnation jutsu A technique that allows Chiyo to bring the dead back to life or even give life to a puppet. She is the only one capable of performing the jutsu but the cost is her own life.

And even Ten Puppets of Monzaemon Chikamatsu Monzaemon Chikamatsu was the inventor of shinobi puppet jutsus. These ten puppets were his legacy and are superior than regular puppets. They are meant to work together and are capable of performing powerful jutsus when combined.

Voice Actors
Goodson, Barbara
Tani, Ikuko
Basecqz, Julie
Zordan, Zaíra
Grothe, Isabella

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