Ulgar "Oyazi, Old Man" Dyne

Ulgar Dyne

Eden's Bowy
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Eden's Bowy
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Ulgar Dyne (ウルガー・ダイン / おやぢ)

The old man rescued Yorn's mother, the princess of foresight, from Yulgaha at the very beginning of the series. Whenever Elisiss and Yorn are close, he teases them about it. He is an accomplished swordsman and is Yorn's guide on his journey. He seems to know a lot about stuff from Yulgaha and how to operate it. He also happens to despise Yulgaha and the people who live up there, since, among other things, they drain people's souls and use them to power the city.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Sugawara, Masashi