Airi Kirara

Airi Kirara

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Airi Kirara (雲母 あいり)
Airi is a sweet yet mature girl with an optimistic personality. She's very helpful and reliable girl and has a affinity to believe on Jewel Land's existence since she was a child. Airi is also very good on taking care of the house, usually doing all the cooking, cleaning the dishes and properly cleaning the house which is actually a family-run detective agency.

Airi has no magic skills of any kind or can cast spells. However, she wields a pendant that when it's bond with a Jewelpet is strong enough, it can transform it into a human Gijinka to increase its magical strength.

Since as a child, Airi believed there is a world full of magic after her father brought back special souvenirs from his travels. This at the same time where the Jewel Palace crashed into her town and cause confusion towards everyone living in it. She first met Ruby afterwards after she got separated from Luea during their training and Airi herself wanted to her to exhibit some magic. Ruby promised that she will cast a spell on her that would make her fall asleep. However Ruby's inexperience in magic somewhat summoned a listening set and hit Airi's head, knocking her out unconscious as she sleeps.

(Source: Jewelpet Wikia)

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