Qi Xing Long "Naturon Shenron, Seven-Star Dragon, Shu Shenron"

Qi Xing Long

Dragon Ball GT
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Qi Xing Long (七星龍〈チーシンロン〉)
Qi Xing Long is the Seven-Star Shadow Dragon and represents the element of Earth. He has the power to absorb bodies and take their abilities, such as absorbing a mole to create major earthquakes. Naturon was born when Bulma and Yamcha wished back the people who were killed by Majin Vegeta.

Qi Xing Long's power depends on his state of transformation. On his own merits, his power is relatively low (probably being comparable to Er Xing Long and Wu Xing Long without Electric Slime Body Build). However, he becomes exponentially more powerful when using another being as a power source. Absorbing a mole makes him strong enough to blow Pan and Gokuu away using his Aftershock technique, although his lack of speed mitigates the threat of his brute force. After Naturon absorbs Pan, he gains a massive increase in strength, along with a speed boost and more effective ki attacks; he is at his best and puts up a good fight against base Gokuu.

(Source: Dragon Ball Wiki)

Voice Actors
Bevins, Christopher
Aomori, Shin
Albert, Péter
Cabezudo, Daoiz