Kantai Collection 4-koma Comic: Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!
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Hiyou (飛鷹)
The Hiyou-class wears a white blouse with red trimmings over a red dress shirt for the top, reminiscing their past as army-subsidized luxury passenger ships, and a magatama. The bottom is a wide red hakama trimmed to calf-length. They wear platform shoes. For their flight decks, they both use scrolls, the airplanes are shikigami, controlling them as onmyouji. Hiyou herself has long black hair in a hime cut accessorized with a hair ribbon.

In the Kantai Collection 4-koma Comic, she shows an obsession for aircraft. She is also shown to have the desire to return to being an ocean liner once the war with the Abyssal Fleet is over.

Was a passenger liner called Izumo Maru (出雲丸), the navy bought and convert her to a carrier during construction. Which also referred in her own introduction.

She was sunk by a gasoline vapor explosion caused by an American torpedo hit during the Battle of the Philippine Sea in mid-1944.

(Source: KanColle Wikia)

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