Kingo Minamoto

Kingo Minamoto

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Kingo Minamoto (皆本 金吾)
Age: 10
Birth Place: Kamakura, Sagami Province
Class: Year 1, Class Ha
Committee: Physical Education Committee

A serious personality who's the son of a samurai. First introduced while on a quest to find his father's killer and take revenge, it turned out his father faked his own death to send him off on the quest to toughen him up a bit as he was originally rather spoiled. After finding out the truth he enrolled into Ninjutsu Academy, making him the newest student in class 1-Ha.

His specialty is sword-fighting, which he's studying with Tobe-sensei. Since the trip between his home town and the academy is long, he also stays with Tobe-sensei during school holidays.

Voice Actors
Watanabe, Kumiko