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Zarga Siriana


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Zarga Siriana (자르가 시리아나)
Zarga Siriana was the 7th Elder of the Union. He was once a Noble Clan Leader and follower of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

Although apparently serious in his mannerisms, he can be judged as a cold-blooded murderer after he explains his murdering of previous Loyard leader. He commented upon the Loyard leader's last plea to him to restrain from killing humans as pathetic (he did so in order to provoke Seira into reckless action but failed). He uses respectable tone during his conversation with KSA unlike 5th. He also seems to have his own sense of pride as he does not approve of interferences in battles as he initially lost interest in fighting Seira after the 8th interference and also was unsettled by the 5th elders desire to interfere in Rajak and the 8th elders battle.

Zarga Siriana, the previous clan leader of the Siriana Clan, is one of the traitors from the aged Lukedonian history. 820 years ago he, alongside the other five clan leaders had betrayed Rai and caused his long slumber. Not only did they try to kill him, but they also somehow used his name during their betrayal 500 years ago, causing Raskreia to believe him to be a traitor as well. According to his own words, he had murdered the previous Loyard clan leader, father of Seira J. Loyard. He joined as the 7th Elder of the Union and after the deaths of Rostere and Muar, he was sent alongside the 5th and 8th Elders to declare war against the Nobles of Lukedonia. It is revealed that his reason for the betrayal was that his values changed over time and conflicted against that of Lukedonia's nobles.

(Source: Noblesse Wikia)

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