Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai.
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Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai. (ONA)
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Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai.
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Nekota (猫田)

Nekota may come off indifferent and distant, but that's because he's not good at talking about himself. He's not cold or mean, but he isn't outgoing and loud. He's just laid-back and calm, able to get along with his classmates just fine. He also tends to be late to class.

He's a really good person that cares about people and he's quite observant since he can tell when Mikki is having a rough time or going through difficult or confusing situations.

He's not aware that Mikki sees him with a cat's face. He also has a younger sister named "Meguru" and he cooks for her, himself, and his father, who works late and can't watch the two. He takes on the mother role because he doesn't have a mother.

He appears to enjoy hanging out with Mikki and his other friends. At the beginning, he gets weirded out by Mikki because she'd stare and follow him and being really stalker-ish. And that's because she wanted to see his "human" face. But even so, he still cares about her despite being a bit weirded out. Even though she weirds him out, he likes that part of her.

They become close throughout the series. It's quite obvious that he likes Mikki, romantically.

Voice Actors
Shimono, Hiro