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Super Rabbit

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Super Rabbit (スーパーラビット / スパーラビット)
One of Sonic's subordinates (the other being Despair-kun) on the "Bungee Execution Stand", he is an anthropomorphic pink rabbit with the word "SPEER" written on his belly. Although he has a tired expression, he uses powerful karate moves when his eyes are fully open, even in the midst of a bungee jump. He at first causes trouble for Bo-bobo's group, but Bo-bobo scares him with a lion coming out of his afro. Super Rabbit, alongside his two comrades, are defeated when Tokoro Tennosuke seals the trio away in a bottle.

Both Super Rabbit and Despair-kun are later seen worshiping Softon as he uses his power to keep Cyber City from sinking. They also show up to assist Bo-bobo against the Hair Hunters from 100 years ago, but they are rejected by Tennosuke.

During the Neo Maruhage Playoffs, Super Rabbit assists Bo-bobo's group against Halekulani, Haoh, Giga, Shibito, and Lambada.

(Source: Bobobo wikia)

Voice Actors
Shiraishi, Minoru