Paper Bag Bunny Girl

Paper Bag Bunny Girl


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index
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Paper Bag Bunny Girl (紙袋をかぶったバニーガール)
She is a strange character that appears as one of the "heroes" summoned by Agitate Halation Project in order to save Fremea Seivelun.

As a "hero" under the effects of Agitate Halation she has the demeanor of being determined in saving Fremea Seivelun, to the point that she would harm others who get in her way even if they are not a threat to Fremea. She is particularly vicious, saying to Touma that people who help other people without them asking for help are hopeless of would like to "slice them in two like a samurai." She is described during the summons of the Agitate Halation as a "weapon that had no one to protect yet would still destroy any an enemy that fit the proper parameters." During this, she shows no concern for any sort of rational towards her actions ("she doesn't care"), and need only listen to the voiceless voice (the influence of Agitate Halation). It is unknown what her natural demeanor was if Agitate Halation did not influence her.

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