Mother Shiki

Mother Shiki

Vampire Knight: Guilty
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Mother Shiki (支葵の母)
Senri Shiki's mother is the former mistress to Rido Kuran. In her youth, she was a famous and respected actress. After her affair with Rido, she grew mentally unstable and unable to care for herself properly.

Her eyes are tinted light blue, and it is obvious whom Senri has inherited his looks from, even though she remarks that he is starting to look more like "that demonic bastard," referring to Rido Kuran.

Little is known about her, as she only vaguely appears in the manga and anime. When Senri was young, she hurled her emotions at him and forced Senri–unintentionally, of course–to become doll-like in order to protect his mother and not worry her further. Senri describes her as greedy when she demands blood from him. Rido described her as easily controlled.

As an aristocrat, Lady Shiki possesses unnatural beauty, and lives longer than humans. She can consume blood and heal her injuries at an increased rate.

(Source: Vampire Knight Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kasahara, Hiroko
Strassman, Karen