Yousuke Tateishi

Yousuke Tateishi

Death Parade
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Yousuke Tateishi (立石 洋介)
He was a hikikomori who works part time as a security guard, he spends most of his free time locked up in his room where he does nothing but read manga, watch anime and play games. His parents' divorced when he was still child left him devastated and depressed that he has been a loner ever since. Though his father has remarried, he is very hostile towards his stepmother despite her attempts to become close to him.

He met Misaki in Quindecim, where both of them are forced to play an arcade game that will decide their fates. He later remembers that he committed suicide after jumping off several stories from his apartment complex. The last thing he saw before dying was his stepmother, who was crying and begging him to hold on as they drove to the hospital in the back of an ambulance.

Voice Actors
Morita, Masakazu
Sinclair, Ian
Crisafi, Gianluca
Schwarzmaier, Tim
Dutel, Julien