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Myoukou (ミョウコウ)

Heavy cruiser Myoukou Mental Model.
She appears as a girl in her early twenties. She has short strawberry-blond or even outright pink hair that curls around her face. Her left eye is also pink, while the right one is hidden behind an eye-patch. Myoukou is also the only Mental Model to have a scar.

Myoukou wears an asymmetric version of Hiei's 'school' uniform with the left side being noticeably longer than the right one. Additionally, Myoukou has something resembling an armored bracer on her left hand as well as an armband with 'Student-council vice-president' written on it. However, this appears to be not her normal looks as she comments to her sister Haguro that these uniforms are something to boost the fleet's morale and unify it.

First appearance:

Voice Actors
Fukuhara, Ayaka
Bette-Koch, Daniela