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A valkyrie that achieved the highest rank of "Hilder."

Growing up in the Yggdrasil, Svahvah looked up to her elder sister, Sigrune. Sigrune told her of the importance of heroes to valkyrie, and Svah saw firsthand the devastating effects from her sister of what happens when a Valhalla is destroyed. However, she grew up to become a Hilder herself, and went on her search to find a hero.

On the advice of Master Brunhilde, she sought out the one named Dug, who was said to be a hero that defeated the Demon Lord Zie. What she found, however, was an uncouth, dishonest, and laidback individual who was nothing like the person she imagined.

However...she could see through the lies of Dug, who vehemently denied having anything to do with the entire affair. However, as she continued to follow him, Svahhilde could see that Dug had a different side that he hid from most people. Dug, too, knew there was a hidden side to Svahhilde, and that heroes were much more to a valkyrie than just weapons.

After Dug defeated the revived Demon Lord Zie, she judged that he had was not a hero... at least, not for another fifty years. Svahhilde would patiently wait for that time to come and be reunited with her hero.

(Source: The Fifth Heaven of Hlodj)

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