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Shouko Saeba

Red Baron
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Shouko Saeba (冴場翔子)
The creator, engineer, and designer of "Red Baron". At first she was adamant in not entering it on the Metal Fight (saying that the Metal Fight was "the most awful thing" [not exact words] and hating it), but she entered it after seeing Ken fight in it. She also has, as we see in episode 40, a secret crush on Ken, something that Chatatsu Lee refuses to believe until episodes 41 and 42, when he finally concedes defeat in love. Even at her young age, she is shown to be a very gifted engineer, as she designed and created the Red Baron almost on her own, and as the series progresses, she also designs and develops all of the Red Baron upgrades in a little amount of time. (Her first name is changed to "Sally" in the Spanish version.)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Iwatsubo, Rie
Rhaulin, Marta