Mayu Arita

Mayu Arita

Death Parade
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Mayu Arita (有田 マユ)
Mayu is a student who is a huge fan of the idol group C.H.A, of which Harada is a member. She is a happy go lucky girl who is also a bit of a klutz. She came to the Viginti realm which is run by Ginti where Harada was waiting. Both were made to play a game of Twister that would decide their fates, and during the deadly stages of the game she learnt that her death was what would be called a freak accident, where while entering the bath she slipped on a bar of soap lying on the floor, hit her head and died instantly.

(Source: Death Parade Wikia, Anime+)

Voice Actors
Clark, Leah
Tanezaki, Atsumi
Reti, Eleonora
Heller, Karl-Line