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Olibu (オリブー)
Olibu is a fighter representing the North Quadrant in the Other World Tournament, and he is King Kai's greatest fighter next to Goku.

He appears as a fair skinned man with long blonde hair and purple eyes. He is very tall, at least two feet taller than Goku, and has a large muscular body. He dons white Ancient Greek-style robes with brown suspenders and belt, wears white bands on his wrists and shins, and dons large light brown boots. He also wears an orange headband.

King Kai stated that most of Earth's heroic legends are based on Olibu's acts of heroism during his life. It is implied in an anime filler that Korin Tower on Earth could have been built to honor him.

After his acts of great heroism during his lifetime, Olibu was granted access to live and train on the Grand Kai's planet. He was working on his 10,000 years of training when Goku meets him in the Other World. During the Other World Tournament, Olibu beats Chapuchai, and later battles but loses to Pikkon in the quarter-finals.

Olibu makes a cameo appearance, along with Mijorin and Maraikoh, in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

During the Kid Buu Saga, he is seen with another fighter sparring with Yamcha, and taunted Kid Buu along with Pikkon. Kid Buu almost destroys Olibu with the Shocking Ball, but instead decides to fight Goku and Vegeta when he senses their energy. Olibu's last appearance in Dragon Ball Z is when he, along with hundreds of other fighters, watch Goku's battle with Kid Buu.

(Source: Dragon Ball Wikia)

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