Elias "Erieri" Hackblade

Elias Hackblade

Log Horizon 2nd Season
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Elias Hackblade (エリアス=ハックブレード)
Race: Elf, People of the Land
Class: Blademancer
Subclass: Ancient
Affiliation: Knights of the Red Branch

Elias was known as the "Hero of Elder Tale," and was featured on the box art for the game. In Elder Tale lore, he was protected by a deity known as the Sword Prince, and raised by fairies, from whom he learned his techniques. He was born from a fairy and a Human; as a result, he is a Shunned Child, something that has given him a deep sorrow. Because of the <Fairy Eyes> curse, he cannot directly kill a monster, only lower them to a certain amount of HP.
(source: Log Horizon wikia)

Voice Actors
Hirakawa, Daisuke