Koushuu Okumura

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Koushuu Okumura (奥村 光舟)

School: Daikyou Senior (formerly), Seidou High School (currently)
Age: 16
Birthday: 20 February
Birthplace: Kanagawa

Okumura has a quiet and very serious personality. He takes everything seriously and has a dislike for boisterous attitudes due to his middle school experience with his coach. Okumura also doesn't believe that it is possible for someone to be play baseball seriously while also being able to truly enjoy the sport at the same time. He enrolled in Seidou to see if that is possible, as well as to see how far would his abilities take him. Although seemingly quiet most of the time, Koushuu can be very outspoken and often very critical about matters that he pays attention to; he often voices his opinions on Seidou's pitchers and their respective performances and is even not afraid of a direct confrontation against Sawamura for being loud in the dining room.

(Source: Diamond no Ace Wikia)

Voice Actors
Uchida, Yuuma