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Heen (ヒン)

Heen is an odd dog who follows Sophie around. He is Madame Sulliman's errand dog. He is introduced when Howl asks Sophie to go to the Royal Castle as "Mrs. Pendragon," while Howl follows behind disguised, and tell Madame Suliman that Howl is cowardly and of no use. As Sophie is going to the Royal Castle she is wondering what Howl disguised himself as. Right after, an old dog begins to follow her, and she thinks it is Howl. Heen is on the large side, old, and wheezes a lot, and leaves the castle with Howl, Sophie, and the Witch of the Waste. One would say he becomes their pet.

Voice Actors
Harada, Daijiro

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Howl's Moving Castle's Heen: the Dog that Tries

Howl's Moving Castle's Heen: the Dog that Tries

The former errand dog of Madame Suliman has a heart as big as Howl's Castle. The dog Heen turns in his old mistress for a new, much kinder one. Heen is old, overweight, short, and asthmatic, but he gets an "A" for effort. Heen cares.