Barao "Demon Emperor"


Yuusha Raideen
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Barao (バラオ)
Hailing from the Underworld and leader of the Demon Empire, the mighty Barao had seeked the Star of Ra Mu from the Mu Empire over twelve thousand years ago. For over two thousand he had successfully waged war against the Mu using his own minions consisting of gigantic monsters until the power of Ra Mu sealed him in a statue. Ten millennia later the Demon Empire returned from beneath the ocean depths using a mere fraction of Barao's power to create fossil beasts that would only be defeated by Raideen time and again. After the destruction of his followers and his brainwashed adopted son Prince Sharkin, Barao was freed from his statue imprisonment at the cost of losing his memories of the Star of Ra Mu. For the rest of the series he forced giant monsters called the colossal monsters to fight to the death gladiator style with the winner's "reward" to fight Raideen all while commanding his own island called the Demon Isle.

In his final form Barao stands at 800 meters tall, resembling more of a plant or fungus than an animal.

Voice Actors
Takiguchi, Junpei