Mao Shingyouji

Mao Shingyouji


Boy Meets Girl
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Mao Shingyouji (真行寺真央)
Height: 153cm
Hair: Long, Violet
Eyes: Red
Body: Average Height, Teen
Clothes: Ribbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform
Personality: Carefree, Pervert, Possessive, Pretending, Protective
Role: Kouhai, Student Club Member

Mao is introduced as an underclassman that is also the vice-president of the Magical Club. At the beginning of the story, Mao acts like the jealous first year girl that is set on protecting Haruna from Yuuta. She can tell that her senpai has feelings for our protagonist, so she at first tries to keep him from joining the Magical Club.

Despite initial antagonism and her attempts to make Yuuta look bad in front of Haruna, Mao realizes that Haruna's happiness is more important, and later decides to turn our protagonist into the "ideal guy" for her beloved senpai. Unsurprisingly, some her ideas on how a guy should be like tend to be outlandish, but at times does give worthwhile advice. The focus shifts to getting to know our protagonist when she realizes he won't be transforming into a cool guy any time soon.

Personality-wise, Mao is generally cheerful, if extremely protective of Haruna. She willingly does anything Haruna asks her to. She also has a very perverse imagination that manifests whenever she thinks about herself and Yuuta.

(Source: VNDB/Moroboshi Yuumei)

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