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Chizuru Kumotani


Boy Meets Girl
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Chizuru Kumotani (雲谷千鶴)
Height: 164cm
Hair: Green, Ponytail, Very Long
Body: Average Height, Teen
Personality: Funny, Kind, Proactive, Strange, Strict
Role: Cousin, Head of Household
Engages in: Cooking

Chizuru is Yuuta's older cousin, and is in charge of the house she shares with our protagonist while her parents are away on business.

At a first glance, Chizuru is a very non-serious character, preferring to joke around and do the occasional odd thing. At heart, however, she is a very responsible girl who feels a little overwhelmed by having to run her family's coffeehouse, "The Mysterious Spire". Her playfulness aside, Chizuru is actually very strict when it comes to the rules of the house, and often penalizes those that break curfew or fail to do as they're told with "fines" that must be paid by dropping money into her piggy bank.

A constant running gag with Chizuru is that despite making a living brewing coffee and baking snacks, she's actually a terrible cook. This trait goes from gag to plot point when we discover that the reason her cooking is so questionable is because she lost her sense of taste a couple of years before BMG began. The cause is left unknown for the most part, but Chizuru has the feeling that it might be connected to the Spire of Memories.

As the older sister of the group (even if she's only a year older than Yuuta, Haruna and Miu), Chizuru is held in high regard by the other members of the cast. She prefers to be cute and playful, but can very easily put Yuuta in his place. At times her sense of humor gets the better of her, causing her to do more harm than good when it comes to some of the predicaments Yuuta gets into.

(Source: VNDB/Moroboshi Yuumei)

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