Jim "Crocodile" Cook

Jim Cook

Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Duel Monsters GX
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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! GX
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Jim Cook (ジム・クロコダイル・クック)
Jim is an expert geologist and archaeologist, having taken part in an excavation of a Tyrannosaurus in the past, and has a crocodile named Karen, initially believed to be a fake by Vellian Crowler and Bonaparte, who he carries around in a specially made backpack wherever he goes. Jim regards Karen as "family," and does not consider her a pet. He places great trust into Karen and often uses her as a judge of good character, which started his friendship with Judai Yuki. Jim wields a Duel Disk in the shape of a boomerang.

After saving Karen from an animal trap, Jim injures his right eye. After regaining consciousness, he is imbued with the Eye of Orichalcum by a man touched by Jim's devotion to Karen. The man who gave it to Jim told him it was supposed to have incredible powers when in the presence of a special comet. Afterwards, he keeps his right eye bandaged.

Voice Actors
De Santis, Paolo
Keplermaier, Thiago
Iwanashi, Naoya
Wayland, Tom
Barbieux, Romain
Ünal, Ozan