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Pearl (パール)
Pearl is impatient and is often accidentally getting himself and his friend, Diamond into trouble. He is the straight man (tsukkomi) of the comedy duo, while Diamond is the funny man. His appearance is based on that of Barry from the video game series.

Compared to Diamond, Pearl is hasty and easily angered and, according to Diamond, always goes out of his way to complete things he has started, which reflects the virtue that he is aligned with: willpower, which also makes him associated with Azelf. Pearl is also very bossy and usually tells Diamond and Platinum what to do.

Because the two boys were neighbors during their childhood, Pearl and Diamond are practically as close as brothers. Even though Pearl often yells and smacks Diamond, Pearl truly does care for Diamond. Oppositely, Pearl likes Platinum's arrogant attitude towards Diamond and himself. Despite the fact that he often yells and criticizes her, Pearl always helps Platinum by helping prepare her for her goals and dreams, and is often amazed by her knowledge and perseverance. The two quickly got used to the other's personality and have become close friends.

(Source: Bulbapedia)

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