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Miyabi (雅緋)
Age: 21
Birthday: August 15
Blood type: B
Height: 169 cm
BWH: 90-56-87

Miyabi is the current face of the Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy. After watching her mother's tragic demise by the claws of a Yoma, Miyabi was struck with sadness and a lack of direction. Upon great assistance from her father, Miyabi was taught the arts of Dark Shinobi. Miyabi after her training is now a wildly powerful swordsman with a great hold over the Shinobi Secret Ninja Arts. After the disbanding of the prior Hebijo Academy higher-ups led by Homura, Miyabi — a third year student at Hebijo— stepped in as the new student leader for the academy. As seen through her love for family and friends alike, Miyabi's great dedication to the art of the Shinobi is only surpassed by her attachment to those she cares for. It can be seen through her actions that Miyabi cares little for the difference between Light and Dark Shinobi and only wishes to see the growth of the craft. To greater support Miyabi's wavering ambivalence, she and her group will often be seen working together with Light Shinobi to deal with larger conflicts. No matter her affiliation, Miyabi is a thoughtful and sincere Shinobi who Fights for the Honor of Evil.

Voice Actors
Hirata, Hiromi
Berry, Morgan