Mrs. Minami

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Mrs. Minami (みれぃの母)

Mrs. Minami is the mother of Mirei and a defense attorney. She has long purple hair put up in a high ponytail with a pink hair tie. Her eyes are a tanned brown shade. In her debut, she is shown wearing a yellow turtle neck, a white knee length skirt, white slippers, and a necklace with red pendant. She seems a friendly, kind and caring person. She and her husband often bicker about whether Mirei will become an attorney or a prosecutor, leading to make-shift trials that Mirei often judges.

She knows that Mirei is an idol in the PriPara world, and she supports her.

She is an attorney. She wants Mirei to become the first attorney idol.

She often debates with her husband over even the littlest of details, leaving Mirei a judge in most of their make-shift trials.

(Source: Pri Para Wikia)

Voice Actors
Orikasa, Ai