Leona Morimoto

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Leona Morimoto (森本 レオナ)

The Head of the Social Club who is highly respected and feared. With the fact that most students are in debt to the Morimoto Financial Group and her sister is the headmistress, she practically controls the school and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. When Takuro arrives at St. Arcadia, she goes to great lengths to make him a member of the Social Club and to make him her personal sex slave. The English versions of the game and anime changed the spelling of Reona's name to Leona, a possible but common translation error. However in game, characters can clearly be heard saying her name as "Reona" and official Japanese merchandise have spelled her name as Reona, as evident in the official Japanese art book and resin figurine packaging

Discipline: Asuka Houjou (北条 明日香)
Discipline Rei: Asuka Houjou (北条 明日香)

Voice Actors
Houjou, Asuka
André, Julie
Ojanguren, Eba

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