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Takatora Toudou (藤堂 高虎)

Takatora values loyalty. He starts as a soldier who feels he has no right or position to question his lord's commands, never speaking against or criticizing his master. Nagamasa and Oichi's forthright opinions help forge healthy skepticism and adaptability into his mindset. From their wishes and his experience with them, Takatora redefines his definition of devotion: loyalty means to be a survivor who creates a peaceful future for his master. It contrasts the common opinion to die for a single lord, but Takatora seeks to fulfill his code with uncompromising rectitude and determination. His principles inevitably overlap with Ieyasu's rationale.

Takatora may appear cold and fearless to maintain his professional conduct, yet he is actually a sensitive soul who believes in righteousness and compassion. He decries inhumane acts, condemns betrayal of any sort, and becomes lenient in his judgment if he can empathize with the other party. He is embarrassed by his love for mochi and manju and tries to hide his fondness when it presents itself. He treasures his gifts from the Azai and won't forgive anyone who insults his long hand towel. He appreciates friendship and is completely dense to romance. Whether he realizes it or not, Takatora makes no attempts to hide his sorrow for the loved ones he loses to the wars. He swears to never forget their time together or the debt he may feel he owes them, selflessly shouldering their burdens as he lives in their memory. Each title has him become invested in his resolve by a particular character's death.

Nagamasa and Oichi are his saviors. Nagamasa is a beacon of hope and kindness while Oichi is a surrogate mother to him. Yoshitsugu is his best friend who he can express himself openly to without restraint. Takatora often butts heads with Kiyomasa. Both men put up tough fronts and are quick to criticize one another's performance. In his debut, he held Yukimura in high regard for his prowess and earnestness.

(Source: Koei Wikia)

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Matsukaze, Masaya
Haberkorn, Todd