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Suirou (翠郎)
He was very good at playing the flute and a very important figure for young Kurama Shinjirou. He was always there for Kurama to turn to when he was feeling down from being struck and insulted by Jirou because he could not fly.

Jirou soon got sick of this and thought that the only reason Kurama could not fly was because Suirou was constantly coddling him. Jirou brought Kurama to a deep crevice where the Raijiuyuu slept. The only way Kurama could get out was if he were to fly otherwise he was to be eaten by the Raijiuyuu.

When Suirou got word, he immediately flew into the Raijiuyuu's cave, in order to save Kurama, was unfortunately struck by lighting and lost his ability to fly. Kurama had little injuries and was able to escape.

Voice Actors
Hirakawa, Daisuke
Pate, Justin