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Hanana (はなな)

Hanana is a minor character in the PriPara anime series. She makes her anime debut in Episode 13. She is an idol, as her PriTicket was shown in Episode 13. She is a big fan of Laala, Mirei, and Sophie. Her preferred brand is Twinkle Ribbon, and her casual coord is the Strawberry Dream Coord.

Hanana has her hair into two braids, with bangs. Her hair is brown. From what is shown on her PriTicket, she also wears a pink bow on her head. She has grey eyes but they are hidden most of the time due to the pair of thick glasses she wears in Idol Form which don't appear to be present on her real life self according to the picture on her PriTicket.

She seems to be friendly, shy and clumsy girl.

Hanana is the second idol to prefer Twinkle Ribbon (with the first being Laala).

(Source: Pri Para Wiki)

Voice Actors
Shitaya, Noriko