En "Fire En" Daitouji

En Daitouji

Yuusha Shirei Dagwon
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En Daitouji (大堂寺 炎)
The fire warrior. The stereotypical hot-headed and determined type. Reckless, short-tempered and stubborn to a fault, but also brave, fearless and a loyal friend. En often locks heads with Kai, who just so happens to be his superior in school. He develops a close friendship with Ryu in the beginning of the series. He's the only one on the team who has two different vehicular bodies (that can merge into one). His robots are stand alone versions and do not combine with his teammates'.

He transforms using "Try Dagwon" into the fire warrior Fire En. Fire En can fuse with Fire Stratos to form DagFire.

DagFire can fuse with Fire Jumbo, Fire Ladder and Fire Rescue to form Fire Dagwon. Alternatively, DagFire can fuse with Fire Shovel to form Power Dagwon.

Power Dagwon and Fire Dagwon can fuse together to form Super Fire Dagwon.

Voice Actors
Toochika, Kouichi
Kang, Su Jin