Ilforte Grantz

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Bleach: Spirits Are Forever with You
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Ilforte Grantz (イールフォルト・グランツ)

Date of birth: June 22nd
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Weight: 67 kg


Ilforte was a Gillian-class Menos, Aizen years before it took control of Las Noches and reached Hueco Mundo with Hougyoku, Ilforte part of the group of Gillians advanced led by Shawlong Kuufang and trained by Edorad Leonnes , Nakim and D-Roy, besides himself Ilforte formed partnership to devour as many hollows and advance class Menos Grande and to avoid descending into a simple evolutionary scale and unwise Gillians.

After a while found a powerful Adjucha called Grimmjoww Jaggerjack shaped panther that achieves wounding D-Roy before this can even attack, Shawlong as leader kneels before Grimmjow (is followed by all others) and requests him to be their king, and that under his leadership achieved become the most powerful class of Less, Vastoroodes.

After some time hunting and predation of hollows, Ilforte and others realize that their developments has stopped eating after more than 3000 hollows, all realize this, Ilforte notes that after the hollow number 1000 power ceased to increase, except Grimmjow that does not seem ready to leave and disdained by cowards, Shawlong asks then they eat to halt its development and thus avoid retreat in the evolutionary scale, Grimmjow accessed.

II.First Appearance in Bleach

Ilforte Grantz is a sarcastic, effeminate arrancar with long blond hair. What remains of his hollow mask is on the top of his head, and looks like a broken helmet. He commonly refers to other characters as "brother" when speaking. He was the older brother of Szayel Aporro Granz, the 8th Espada. Ilforte fairly is powerful for his rank, able to fight off Renji Abarai's bankai (at 20% power) without releasing his zanpakuto. In contrast, however, he is little match for the surprisingly strong Ururu Tsumugiya in his normal state, but easily dispatches her once he releases his zanpakutō. He is eventually killed by Renji, who notes that if Ilforte hadn't been distracted, he might have been able to defeat him.

III.His Zanpakuto

Ilforte's zanpakuto is named Del Toro (Spanish for "of the bull," Japanese for "pale-horned prince") and is released by the phrase "skewer"). When Del Toro is released, Ilforte's upper body enlarges and is covered in bull-like armor, while his mask seems to completely regenerate, giving him horns. In this form, he walks on four legs and uses his horns to skewer opponents.

Source: Bleach official character book II

Voice Actors
Toochika, Kouichi
Weisz, Ezra
Viggiani, Orlando
Portuguese (BR)
Pagès, Jean-François
Vázquez, Carlo