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Love Tochiotome (栃乙女 愛)
Love Tochiotome is a supporting character in PriPara. She is a tennis player from Pararis Girls school and was introduced to PriPara in Episode 4 but had her major debut in Episode 10. Her main brand is Holic Trick. Her normal coord in PriPara is the Lunatic Moon Coord. While in Pripara she goes by the name Cool Lovely.

She has very short light brown hair that is spiked up and sharp olive green eyes. She has a tall athletic build and is much tanner and taller than the other girls. When in PriPara, her hair becomes much longer and curly with a crown braid, her skin becomes paler. She also has a less muscular and more slender build. She goes by the name Cool Lovely.

She is very shy around others, and gets easily flustered. When she becomes too flustered, she says "Love-15!" or "Love-30!" (basically Love-Number) and breaks out into tennis swings to calm down. She is also excitable, as shown when she made her Pri Para debut.

She is the third character with a non-Japanese first name.
She shared the same name as Love Momozono from Fresh Pretty Cure!.
She is the second character that doesn't attend Paprika Private Academy
She is the second character to share a brand with a main character.
She is the second character to be a Holic Trick User.
She is the third character along with Mirei and Laala to have a different look in PriPara.
Love is 10 Kuma's-Head tall.

Voice Actors
Morishita, Yukiko