Reona "Leona West" West

Reona West

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Reona West (レオナ・ウェスト)

Reona West is a PriPara idol and 7th grader at Paprika Private Academy. He is voiced by Yuki Wakai, a member of i☆Ris. He is the twin brother of Dorothy West and is part Canadian (his father) and part Japanese (his mother) descent. His favorite saying is "If Dorothy○○, me too..." (?) His preferred brand is Fortune Party.

He made a cameo debut in episode 12. In episode 14, he forms a unit called Dressing Pafé with Shion Todo and Dorothy West.

He has short light pink hair with a braid on his left side and has deep pink eyes, and under his left eye he has a freckle. He also wears a sailor's hat on his right side.

He is quite shy and would wither away if not for Dorothy. He often follows whatever Dorothy does as an example.

Reona, Dorothy, and Mirei are the only known 7th graders in the series.
He is the third pink-haired girl in the Pretty Rhythm / PriPara universe, preceded by Jae Eun in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future and Naru Ayase in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.
Dorothy and Reona are the first main characters in the Pretty Rhythm / PriPara universe to be twins. They are the second pair of twins overall, following Aira's younger sisters Uru and Eru Harune.
Reona shares his preferred brand (Fortune Party) with his sister, making them the first main characters to share a brand.
Reona made a cameo debut in episode 12.
His name (Reona) is based on the second note of the Solfège scale.

(Source: PriPara Wiki)

Voice Actors
Wakai, Yuuki

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