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Naki (ナキ)

Species: Ghoul
Birthday: January 28
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood type: B
RC type: Koukaku
Rating: S

Naki is a ghoul who was imprisoned in the CCG's ghoul prison ward prior to the Aogiri Tree's invasion on the prison. He was broken out of jail by the Aogiri Tree due to being a direct subordinate of Yamori and supposedly his right hand man.

Naki has been shown to be a confident individual, boasting about his strength and that he is Yamori's right hand man. Like Yamori, Naki is shown to have a twisted mindset; although not as cruel as Yamori, Naki is depicted to show his personality permanently with no efforts to hide it. Though impulsive and easily irritated, Naki is shown to be very emotional and trusting, perhaps to the point of being naive. He highly respects Yamori and was devastated to learn that Yamori had been killed while Aogiri Tree was breaking him and other ghouls out.

Naki has a childlike personality, believing that having helped Yamori with counting money and running errands make him a responsible person worth others' respect. He views loneliness as the most painful, and as such risks his life to protect his comrades to never feel the loneliness he felt when he got out of prison just to hear Yamori had died and left him alone.

He also seems to have copied Yamori's habit of finger cracking (although he cracks his middle finger instead).

(Source: Tokyo Ghoul Wikia)

Voice Actors
Shimono, Hiro
Grelle, Josh
Leblan, Jean-Pierre
Nöhren, Henning
Andreani, Ivan
Casany, José Manuel
Nunes, Reginaldo
Portuguese (BR)